‘The Cure Is Coming’

The elections near; there’s no consensus

Half of us feel scared, defenseless

And the other half is making jokes

They say Covid’s just a hoax

That if you believe all the data

Then, you’re just a true Trump hater

So, they protest against the science

Scream freedom’s lost with compliance

But how … how did that come to be?

No sacrifice — that’s our destiny?

Really? That’s Trump’s master plan?

The U.S. becomes Americastan

While he breaks the rules as he pleases

Ignores the worst of all diseases

Says I do when he doesn’t

Lies then says, “No, I wasn’t”

Promises he will when he won’t

Has a plan when he don’t

What he fears is looking weak

As if a mask hurts his physique

He abuses and denies the truth

Claims he’s never been uncouth

Thinks justice is what he makes it

Lacks knowledge; prefers to fake it

Sadly, Covid is but one pandemic

When cowardice has become systemic

And the once mighty Senate bows to its knees

The Cabinet is there just to grin and please

Racism? Is that really how he plans to win

A ploy so foul that it’s a sin

While Fox praises his vile vanity

“Oh, you’re the best,” sucks up Sean Hannity

But, Hallelujah, there’ll soon be a vaccination

So, roll up your sleeves and save the nation

Vote to end the pandemic and all the harm

Give America that shot in the arm

After all, it’s just a little prick

It’s feckless Donnie who’s made the nation sick

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek