The cult of Trump |

The cult of Trump

The president of the United States has access to the best and brightest in the world in every field. North America just had the hottest summer in recorded history. There are five cyclones in the Atlantic headed for the Western Hemisphere for the first time. The West Coast is experiencing the worst wildfires we’ve ever seen and hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their homes and all their belongings. Greenland recently lost an ice sheet the size of Manhattan. Migrants from equatorial regions keep heading north because of drought and starvation. In a recent meeting with leaders from California, Oregon and Washington state, the president joked that it will be getting cooler and the “scientists don’t know.” Trump admitted on tape that he understands the danger of the coronavirus but was more concerned about creating a panic on Wall Street than protecting the American people. I could go on with the long list of horrible decisions and cruel actions and lies, but we all already know.

If you are still supporting Trump now, you are loyal to the man and not the country. You are a member of a cult.

Eric Holtz