The census is critical to your community

Please, if you have not yet filled out the census form, call now and give your information to a census worker by phone. It takes about 10 minutes. All census information is kept totally private. For 72 years the census information is kept secret. It is for the use only of the census department who give the data on the number of people, by age, to the branches of federal government that need the information to provide public services.

The number of people in each community determines our representation in the House of Representatives. It determines what each state and county gets for schools, roads, community hospitals and other public services. It matters a lot that you and your family and house mates are counted for our community wellbeing over the next 10 years.

Our Founding Fathers put the requirement for a census every 10 years into our constitution in order to know how to allocate funds to each state for its citizens’ needs. Census workers are going around our communities now to knock on doors to ask the Census questions. We wear masks. But sometimes no one is home or a person does not want to answer the questions. Please answer for your own sake or call now and give your information quickly and easily to the census worker on the phone.

COVID-19 has cut our ability by several months to collect census information so please help us all and call: English: 844-330-2020 or Spanish 844-468-2020

Thank you.

Illène Pevec

Census worker, Carbondale