The census is counting on you |

The census is counting on you

As a current local employee of the US Census Bureau, I am writing to supplement your impactful, and generally helpful articles and letters regarding the 2020 census. Now that we 2020 census workers are actively contacting households that have been indicated as not having yet responded, there is another way people can complete their 2020 census that has never been mentioned. It is entirely possible that a credentialed and masked census worker will knock on your door or call you. You can complete your 2020 census right there in person with that official census employee, either on your doorstep or over the phone. All of the data we gather from you is immediately entered into our handheld government-issued computers and transmitted in real time to the Census Bureau. The interview only takes about a maximum of 10 minutes and is completely confidential. If you do not live here full time, it will go even quicker, but we need that info too! Although I do not advise anyone to wait, if we do come round or give you a call, please help us out and give us a few minutes of your time. It’s not often you can do so much good for your community with so little effort. Thank you in advance.

Tracy Murtagh