The Aspen Times can up its game |

The Aspen Times can up its game

Having been fired three times in my working days, I can empathize with Glenn Beaton the columnist who recently got the ax from The Aspen Times. However, I also see the point of view of the man with the ax.

I trust the Times wants to present a conservative pundit to be a counterpoint to the many liberal scribes they employ. I certainly hope the Times didn’t give Beaton his pink slip because of the many opposing letters to the editor he inspired. Instigating public debate is one of the purposes of a commentary page.

It’s just that the Times can do better than Beaton. The former lawyer goes over the edge of the conservative world into fascism. America First is no different than Deutschland Uber Alles.

For example, the Times’ sister publication, the Vail Daily, has a financial analyst from Gypsum, Vince Emmer, as a columnist. He’s a true conservative — pro-business, neo-liberal, small government, low taxes, the Constitution as written. Joseph Goebbels he is not.

Fred Malo Jr.