The Aspen sham that is affordable housing |

The Aspen sham that is affordable housing

The following letter was originally sent to Aspen Times columnist Glenn Beaton.

My favorite dictionary definition of the word “bullshit” is “nonsense intended to deceive.” However, as is common with many expletives, the term can be used in other parts of speech, and, as we all know, it can carry a wide variety of meanings.

As an exclamation, “Bullshit!” conveys a measure of dissatisfaction with something or someone, and that is precisely my usage of it to describe my feelings of the situation in Aspen after reading your most recent column.

But first, congratulations again on your excellent writing and your overviews of Aspen “society.” In particular, thank you for your “exposé” on the current and so-called “employee housing” situation in Aspen. It is as I have always suspected (with more than a few personal examples), though seemingly, even worse.

How this sort of financial abuse is allowed to continue anywhere should be far beyond the imagination, but in Aspen, it obviously is not. I learned long ago that only the cats apply for the job of guarding the canaries.

If only a portion of what you report is correct, the entire program of providing “housing” to “employees” is outrageous, disgusting and insupportable, to say the very least. And that it should be allowed to continue in any similar manner to the situation that you describe is certainly immoral, if not illegal.

For a town full of individuals all worried about “social inequality,” this would all be humorous if it were not so embarrassing.

It seems to me that correcting the egregious nature of this gigantic “rip-off” should be the top priority of every government “official” in town and in the state of Colorado — assuming that they are not part of the “problem” themselves, seemingly not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Since it was apparent that you avoided doing so, it further seems to me that one of your next installments should name all the names and numbers to place the appropriate shame where due. But, probably first you should hire a real good attorney, sad to say.

As we all know and mostly pretend to ignore, Aspen is definitely “that kind of town.” I have a few friends in politics and I do plan to give a couple of them a call.

Marty Stouffer