The annoying stench of pesticide

It was a beautiful day Sunday, warm enough to set up my hammock in the back yard, get some blankets and grab a great book to read. I was excited about this small venture. It wasn’t a big adventure; it was just enough.

It wasn’t long, however, before I noticed the strangest smell. I kept trying to breath in smells of spring but was, instead, finding an acrid smell. “What is that smell?” I kept asking myself.

It took me a second to realize it was a chemical smell because it has a sweetness to it. Then it hit me — “pesticides!” It was not long before I started feeling dizzy and light-headed. I then looked down at my little 10-pound dog and thought, “I wonder what she feels like? She is only a few pounds!”

So inside we went.

We closed all the windows and doors, sat and tried to read inside but still felt dizzy. I gazed out the window, looking at the violet blue sky, daydreaming of being outside in my yard on the hammock, looking up at the tiny spring leaves on the aspen trees. Instead, I packed us in the car and left for the day. I felt relief as I drove away, but also worry. Why would anyone want to spray chemicals that you can smell for blocks away? Where was the thoughtfulness of protecting your neighbors from harm as well as protecting yourself and why was this happening on a Sunday?

Why don’t people realize that this stuff is bad? Do people not understand that pesticides are poisonous for people and for animals? And not only that, pesticides stink. My request to you, Snowmass neighbors, is please be more mindful of your spraying. Better yet, don’t spray at all. I will personally visit your house and pluck any dandelions and weeds that have caused you stress, and then, maybe, we could share conversation, enjoy the clean air, mild breeze, spring smells and ultra violet skies … together.

Kendall Cafritz

Snowmass Village