The Allman Brothers’ impact |

The Allman Brothers’ impact

Is it only now that I realize what a huge part the Allman Brothers and their music have played in my life? I can barely begin to express my great sorrow and joy at the passing of Greg, and don’t forget also recently Butch Trucks.

A life well lived always has ups and downs, but its real measure is your contribution to the happiness of others. This is what great musicians do and they are few and far between. It seems crazy how emotional I’m getting about this, but I still remember the first time I heard the Allman Brothers at a long-haired hippie’s place in the West End in the early ’70s. A vinyl record on a killer turntable with a sweet stereo blew me away, and I was an instant fanatic. Since then it has been the music of my existence. To you youngsters, always the first band on my playlist.

So I decided to write this little tribute, mind the capital letters:

Don’t ever let them catch you Midnight Rider, the Road Goes on Forever but you Can’t Take It with You when you go. It’s time to go Southbound In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and find some Blue Sky. There’s really only One Way Out but then it’s Trouble No More. Jessica, please Don’t Keep Me Wondering because It’s Not My Cross to Bear. Melissa said that we Ain’t Wasting Time No More since I’m in Crazy Love with Little Martha. We’re all tied to the Whipping Post and our Wasted Words will never be heard. The Ramblin’ Man always seems to have the Statesboro Blues and Dreams he’ll never see. Win, Lose or Draw the Blackhearted Woman and the Hoochie Coochie Man are headed down to the Revival. It’s a Stormy Monday and I Don’t Want You No More because of the Come and Go Blues. Stand back! I know You Can’t Lose What You Never Had. It’s past time we were off to the everlasting Mountain Jam.

Hurricanes, running after subway trains and don’t forget the pouring rain … hasta la vista, brother.

Prentice Boyd Billings