The advance of science |

The advance of science

The advance of science can be obstructed by the inertia of institutions and traditional thinking. Real science can not be stifled. Scientific truth happens despite conscious denial, obfuscation and misinformation by private lobbying groups. The current culture war and ethical debate regarding humanity’s burning of fossil fuels is: Are we permanently and irrevocably changing our climate without understanding the consequences?

While there is a sliver of a silver lining regarding this climate change — for example, countries above the U.S. Canadian border have a good chance of increasing their agricultural crop yields (Russia) — the little bit of gain is offset by massive public and private property costs. We all pay.

The bottom line is we are missing the benefits of living a clean, sustainable life and the trade-off between holding onto fossil fuels and our country’s physical and mental health tells me that continuing our fossil fuel addiction isn’t worth it. We are missing all the other benefits of clean living, too.

Tom Mooney