That was my sign in the Times |

That was my sign in the Times

“TEXA$ CITY LIMITS ELEV 7908 FT” was my attempt to get a laugh. Mission accomplished!

I could’ve easily hung up CA, FL, AZ, IL, OK, NV, IA or any of the multitude of out-of-state license plates in Colorado during this pandemic. I have called Aspen, Colorado, and the Roaring Fork Valley “home” for over 21 years now (I’m almost a local, ha ha) and was quarantined in this beautiful silver mining ghost town for months.

As a stand-up comedian who was unable to perform — maybe you’ve seen one of our local comedy shows — I still needed to find a way of being creative and make people laugh in these “new normal” times. If I’ve offended anyone with my joke, which is what comedians do, please visit Amazon as suggested by the Aspen Police Department on their Facebook page. To the other 99% of you who thought this was funny and hysterical, you’re welcome.

The dollar sign as the “S” was only used because I ran out of stencils from another project I did. I would like to thank Kelsey Brunner for the front photos you took. Thank you to city of Aspen assistant street supervisor Willy McFarlin for your hard work and a huge thank you to the Aspen Police Department for your amazing response. The above mentioned names will be receiving free T-shirts this week and I will be doing some community service voluntarily.

Until we laugh again.

Kevin Herzing