Thanks for paving paradise |

Thanks for paving paradise

Congratulations, Ace Lane, you now have permission from Eagle County to destroy what little we had left in the mid-valley of the small-town, rural atmosphere most us live here for.

I had to laugh at your comment when you stated what a positive your mega development would be for the community.

If overpopulation, pollution, destruction of animal habitat and major congestion are your idea of a benefit for the community, then maybe you should be nominated for citizen of the year.

I think I’ll buy a huge billboard on Highway 82 when your monstrosity at the Tree Farm is completed. I’ll say. “This daily traffic jam brought to you by Eagle County Commissioners Jill Ryan, Jeanne McQuenney, and greedy land developer Ace Lane.” I’ll make sure I include all your phone numbers so we can all thank you personally.

Tom O’Keefe

Middle Roaring Fork Valley