Thanks Donald Trump |

Thanks Donald Trump

There was a time not long ago when Donald J. Trump irked me. However, in the 15 months since he took the reins of power I have come to adore him. His vision of “Make America Great Again” has galvanized people nationwide to join in inspirational acts of cooperation. All this unity in spite of America’s facade of division is heartening. We are not divided! We are just apathetic. That’s just one vowel away from pathetic and Trump is releasing us from this national malaise. We will overcome apathy! Thanks, Donald Trump!

Take those George Soros-funded, Tidepod-eating, condom-snorting, driving while texting crisis actors from Parkland, Florida. Their drama instructors must be proud of their acting chops and their ability to draw 800,000 marchers to Washington D.C. to protest against being shot at in school. That many marchers have inspired both the right and the left to join together to give these kids the proper, and improper, recognition they deserve. Donald Trump has incessantly taught them that any publicity is preferable to no publicity and these kids have learned that lesson well. Thanks, Donald Trump!

Donald Trump has even pulled together the dreaded Hillary Clinton-donating, anti-business, left-wing teacher’s unions of this country. Unions are exerting their unholy, socialistic, influential muscle once again and the power is tremendous. Trump is showing Americans that by banding together and using their yuuge voices in the spirit of Democracy the pay discrepancies, lack of benefits and other injustices laid upon the workers by the powerful people that hold the purse can be overcome. Working 40 hours and still needing food stamps to scrape by in the greatest economy on Earth is not in the spirit of Make America Great Again! Trump knows this and is working hard to bring the unions back into the spotlight. Hail to the chief! And thanks again, Donald Trump!

Trump is right on. What has been happening in America is a disgrace! People had given up. They were left behind. Their voices were not being heard. Trump has united America around what is just. Thanks to his presidency, American Democracy will be reborn stronger than ever. This turn from apathy toward unity would’ve never happened without Trump. People are learning quickly that if they don’t participate in their Democracy, they get what they deserve. I can’t wait until the next election when this newfound unity translates into votes. Trump is a godsend!

Thanks, Donald Trump!

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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