Thank you for support of Gary Daniel |

Thank you for support of Gary Daniel

Thank you so very much to all who came out on Tuesday, Feb. 13, in support of Gary Daniel, and gave of their hearts, talents and resources. Your presence and generosity ensure his continued success in the healing process following a recent stroke.

We are overwhelmed and grateful to be surrounded by such a loving community, especially those in our theatrical family. When one of their own go down, they perform. It is a beautiful tradition and a marvelous gift. With the help of many, Kathy Pelowski assembled an impressive and touching evening. With laughter and tears, we absorbed the devotion of our talented friends.

Thank you to the Aspen Community Church for donating their beautiful space, allowing this event to take place. Local chefs, caterers, and individuals created an extraordinary reception for which we are extremely grateful. We are determined to personally thank everyone involved. We were humbled as our friends influenced their friends, and together rallied an entire community on our behalf.

We are thankful, too, for those who have been assisting us for months now. We’ve been fed. We’ve been chauffeured. Our shifts have been covered by coworkers, who were already overextended during the holiday season. Friends drove to Grand Junction so that Gary could see a familiar face on the days I needed to be in Aspen. His hospital room was adorned with plants, flowers, a lit tree and garland. Get-well cards papered the walls. Our texts, email and voice mail were filled with messages of love, concern and offers of assistance.

While I wish a serious medical situation on no one, I do hope that every one of you is granted a moment of beautiful awareness, a chance to know how many hearts are in your corner, and how hard they are willing to beat for you.

When Gary and I have arrived safely on the other side of this adventure, I believe our new focus may be on living long enough to pay all of this goodness forward.

With appreciation, and enormous gratitude,

Meredith Daniel