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Tempest in a teapot or scandal of the century?

The horse has left the barn.

Republican efforts to cover up the alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia during our national election are fruitless. Congress’ most important function is to provide the “checks and balances” required by the Constitution. Failing to do so is a dereliction of duty.

What can explain the Republicans in the House of Representatives being uninterested in investigating Russian influence concerning the most sacred institution of our democracy? This is Russia we are talking about. The most famous Republican of all defeated them single-handedly by just commanding “Tear down this wall.”

Yes, Pink Floyd destroyed the Soviet Union, but Ronald Reagan got all the credit. To this day, Russians fear to tread where Republican hawks talk the talk. What happened to walking the walk? The fact that an investigation isn’t ongoing into Russian influence on an American election is an enigma. Republicans protecting Russians doesn’t make sense given their hawkish stance on everything from Teletubbies to California. There is something that is worth hiding.

It’s obvious that the Republicans in Congress are covering for Donald Trump. But heck, he couldn’t have done that much wrong. Unless his campaign did collude with the Russians. That would be treason. No way he went that far.

The lack of action on the part of the House of Representatives is a national disgrace. Protecting the Constitution is the most important promise of their oath of office. The House must perform its duties. Covering for a scandal that is already in motion is sheer stupidity. The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

Since I began penning this letter 15 minutes ago, Trump himself has called for an investigation into Barack Obama’s part in this scandal. (Man, these guys move fast.) Old habits die hard. Blaming Obama is one that is hard to break. Thanks, Obama! Let’s all welcome Trump’s demand for transparency.

If the Republicans want this presidency to succeed they must convene an independent investigation and stop covering for their party to the detriment of the country. From Paul Ryan and most of the Republican membership of the House of Representatives to James Comey’s FBI, to Trump himself, there is a stink in government that can’t be hidden with a room freshener. Sunlight is the only way to remove the stench of corruption.

Russian (or Obama’s) covert influence in our elections brings our democracy into question. Nothing can be trusted. Our government may be illegitimate. It is imperative that the American people know the truth.

The horse has left the barn. It’s too late to cover up anything. Too many people are too curious about this to allow it to die. We are either about to witness the greatest scandal in the history of the modern world, or it could be much ado about nothing. An independent investigation is the only way out of this mess. Join with Trump and demand an investigation.

Let the chips fall where they may, but let them fall.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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