Teleskiing in Aspen had parallels to boarding |

Teleskiing in Aspen had parallels to boarding

The article “20 years of Snowboarding Ajax” from the Jan. 13 Aspen Times Weekly — and was also published in The Denver Post — amused me in the way it roughly parallels my experience telemark skiing in Aspen. Back then, Highlands was the only Aspen ski area allowing telemark skiing!

It felt as if we had a brotherhood of bad-boy (and girl) adventurers there. It felt so right that it was hard to understand why telemark skiers were banned from other Aspen ski areas. Were they subversives? OK, yeah. But telemarkers are just a harmless bunch! Actually an asset.

Freeing the heal gives slightly more diversity of movement. Being up on the toes is more like running than with the heels fixed down.

Eric Bard