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Teachers should be toward top of vaccine list

It seems that most people agree that when a COVID-19 vaccination becomes available that front-line medical professionals should be the first to receive it. Suggestions that those in homes for the elderly in assisted living and the disadvantaged be next are reasonable. A third tier seems likely for the rest of the population that is older than 65 but still independent. I think that the third tier should include K-12 teachers who have elected to stay on the job as well as those older than 65. This is in spite of the fact that my wife and I are both long past that 65 year cut-off and it most likely would result in some delay in us getting the vaccine.

Some young children are really feeling the impact of this virus and a year’s time in a child’s life has a much larger impact than in an adult’s. If teachers are vaccinated they would feel more comfortable going back to classrooms to teach. This would perhaps allow schools to start opening and young people to benefit from in-person learning. An additional benefit would go to their parents who would be able to concentrate more on their work, or go to work.

Gerry Terwilliger


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