Teachers can fulfill their duties, too

Teachers can fulfill their duties, too

First, we must thank our police officers, deputies, EMTs, all doctors, nurses, hospitals, and how about our grocery store workers, pharmacist, and all those wonderful people who have worked tirelessly through this virus? None of them said they would not work because they could get sick. And now our teachers are saying that … really? How would a teacher feel if all the people I just mentioned said to a teacher “sorry, no grocery stores for you, no medical help, because we could get sick seeing you?

I am sure you are aware that 20 percent of all child abuse cases are helped through teachers at school. How many working parents rely on schools to educate and socialize their children? Do you know how difficult it is to try and keep your child current with grade level if you do not have that training?

Can we please all agree that if you are vulnerable, then please stay home. If you are a young, healthy teacher who chose this profession, then please do your job, just like the rest of us are trying so hard to do ours now. And again, a huge thank-you to those who are doing their jobs so we have a modicum of normal again.

Lorrie Winnerman