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Teacher off duty on airport expansion

Quotes from the Aspen Times on Thursday (“Pitkin County commissioners accept $6 million grant for new runway,” The Aspen Times):

“Commissioner George Newman pointed out that discussions surrounding the future of the airport have been going on for more than six years and suggested that ‘those coming to the table late’ should become familiar with that history and get their facts straight.

“This is not something new,” Newman said. “(People should) get educated, become informed (and) ask questions.”

Pardon me, George, for coming to class late, but where do I find the regulation to back up John Kinney’s statement?

“Aspen’s airport can currently only accept airplanes with wingspans of 95 feet and under. According to John Kinney, Aspen airport director, the FAA has said that if airports like Aspen’s can be redesigned to accept so-called Class 3 aircraft with wingspans up to 118 feet, they must do so.”

Charles H. Hopton