Tax increases pushing old-timers out |

Tax increases pushing old-timers out

As a longtime resident (and taxpayer) of Aspen and Pitkin County, I wish to protest the increasing rise of my assessed valuation and property taxes each and every year.

I am 88 years old and on social security. My assessed valuation is being forced up by a speculative real estate market. My property tax bill is now $8,000 per year; and 1/3 of my social security income is 1/3 of a Pitkin County commissioner’s salary of $72,000/year and I do not live in subsidized housing! So please give the old-timers a tax break.

I do not support additional property tax increases as you have approved for the November ballot for Healthy Community Funds and an additional property tax to fund RFTA. These continual increases in a variety of school, special district and other taxes are forcing longtime locals out of the community.

Jim Markalunas