Taking Trump to the mat

Trump and his supporters, I realized, are similar to the wrestlers and fans of World Wide Wrestling. At some level of cognition we realize that it is all fake, a lie to entertain. We are fascinated by the pomp, costume and phony action. We can’t turn away because we’re hoping to someday, just see something real.

Like Trump, the wrestlers must feel contempt for the folks they are fooling, lying to, so they can sell tickets and cheap mercantile for high prices. The wrestlers too, lie to themselves, as they parade the ring in outrageous costume shaking their fists in buffoonery their ornate robe brushing their ankles. They tell themselves they are real and true and good and superior to the people in the stands. They hold no fealty to speaking the truth to their fans. Of course, the fans don’t expect to be told the truth, either.

John Hoffmann