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Taking stock in the economy

This is response to Rick Holtz’s recent letter to the editor “It’s their stock portfolio, stupid.”

Rick ignorantly believes that our leaders and others wish to reopen the economy because they and their friends want to see an improvement in their stock portfolio.

Rick, approximately 50% of Americans have any investment in the stock market, but the majority of these investments are owned in company retirement accounts, and not held or managed directly by the employee. Then the rich you seem to be prejudice against (those that have a million-dollar net worth or more) only make up 4% of our citizens. More important, 67% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their checking account. There are 241 million or 70% of America population of working age and potentially put out of a job from the COVID-19 shutdowns. You falsely claim the that the reason that opening the economy is to benefit the rich and stock portfolios (the same people that support you and your business), and continue to attempt poorly paint the wealthy that support our community and create jobs within.

However, the real truth is that the majority need the economy back open to keep there family fed and it has nothing to do with stock portfolios. That’s good enough for me.

David Fields


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