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Taking fluoride should be a choice

For approximately the past 25 years I have been studying the topic of fluoridating drinking water in communities.

I learned that something which I thought was true was actually not true.

I have learned that people would rather attack someone personally instead of discuss the issue at hand. People don’t like to have their beliefs in dogma challenged. Some people even think they can tell someone they should not express their opinion. This provides an insight as to the type of person.

There are other issues which people are misinformed about.

Chiropractors are licensed as primary care doctors in Colorado. Chiropractors have a doctor of chiropractic degree.

In the basic sciences, chiropractors have 2,887 hours of study compared with a medical doctor’s 2,756 hours. When you combine these hours with required subjects and specialties for chiropractic compared to medicine, the total hours are 4,485 to 4,248.

Some people have questioned what it takes to be a scientist. I have spent over 34 years in the clinical sciences and have also earned a Bachelor of Science degree (which was a pre-med program). Numerous hours have been spent in post-graduate studies and staying current on new information in holistic health.

My focus of study continues to be in the areas of natural and holistic health. The areas that I focus on include structural/physical stress, mental/emotional stress, biochemical/nutritional stress, toxins, electromagnetic radiation, infections and allergies. These areas culminate in how different energies affect and impact our bodies and our health.

One of the biggest health threats that I have learned about is putting fluoride, a neurotoxin, into our bodies. We have a right to choose what we put into our bodies.

Likewise, I think that it is unethical that a government can put a known neurotoxin in drinking water.

Tom Lankering


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