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Take your power to the power companies

The future cries. Let’s take action!

While casting our votes is imperative, we cannot expect our elected representatives to create policy that can avert climate disaster unless many of us act boldly as individuals. The welfare of billions is at stake.

Here is one thing most of us can do: Eliminate the burning of fossil fuels to power the electricity in your home or business. If Holy Cross Energy is your provider, call 970-945-5491, or visit Holycross.com. If you have Xcel, call 800-895-4999 or visit Xcelenergy.com.

It takes just one call, and pennies per month to make a material impact. President and CEO of Holy Cross Energy Bryan Hannegan has confirmed that every customer who joins their PuRE program will add renewable energy to the grid.

Take action. Inspire others. Build political will.

Please, take an action for the climate and let us know at NeighborsInActionRFV@gmail.com

Jimmy Byrne

One World Home