Take the GOP back

My political philosophy has not changed much over the years. I have always been a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. In my early years I voted for both Democratic and Republican candidates who fit my philosophy. In 1980 I was the upstate New York spokesperson for presidential candidate John Anderson, the liberal Republican from Illinois. I gave many speeches in support of his candidacy and we received 7 percent of the vote in that area. Today, being a fiscal conservative means I am compelled to vote for Democratic candidates. Republican leadership has abandoned its financial principles as best demonstrated by the tax bill which has assured a $2 trillion deficit annually and condemned our children and grandchildren to a country that is likely to go bankrupt. In this election all true Republicans need to vote for Democratic candidates so they can take back the leadership of their party from pseudo Republicans like Scott Tipton, who have changed the meaning of GOP from Grand Old Party to Greed Over People.

Michael G. Nickerson