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Take away their guns

The recent horrors in Alexandria, Virginia, and San Francisco should, once again, bring us this conclusion: Americans are too fearful and, therefore, hateful to be trusted with firearms.

This recalls Michael Moore’s pro-gun control film “Bowling for Columbine,” where Moore made the best argument against gun control I’ve ever heard. He pointed out that Canadians are actually more heavily armed than we are, but their incidence of gun violence is negligible. Why? Because Canadians are a secure, loving people while Americans are scared to death the racial and ethnic minorities are going to steal their jobs and their women.

My first thought when I heard of the Alexandria shooting was, “I hope the shooter wasn’t a Muslim or a Latino.” That would give the current administration justification for some of its more hateful measures. Hate begets hate.

That was followed up by word of the San Francisco shooting and I was reminded of an opinion I’ve heard lately that all the mass shootings have stopped because of Trump’s sternness over Obama’s leniency. So much for that.

I’m not just for gun control. I’m for gun confiscation. Federal agents should be breaking into people’s homes and confiscating all handguns, assault weapons and automatic weapons. Only legitimate hunting weapons allowed: 30-30’s, 308’s, 30-06’s, shotguns, etc. I know a lot of people hunt with handguns, but they are much more likely to get a clean kill with a rifle.

And gun control can be regional. I don’t see a need for total disarmament locally, but there is a dire need in cities like Chicago and Denver. If people in those cities like to hunt, they should be required to keep their firearms in an armory near where they hunt.

All firearms should be registered to aid law enforcement. We register our cars. Why not our guns? Both are potentially deadly weapons.

Gun control is unlikely as long as the National Rifle Association holds its incredible sway over congress. There have been a few incidents lately where when a policeman found that a black man was packing, the gun was not drawn or pointed at anyone, so they shot him. Why wasn’t the NRA heard from? Is the right to bear arms only for white people?

“Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns,” says the NRA. Well, at least then, we’ll know who they are. As it is, it’s difficult to discern who the outlaws and law-abiding citizens are. It should be, if you’re packing, you’re an outlaw.

Fred Malo Jr.


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