Support valley’s well-being with Healthy Community Fund |

Support valley’s well-being with Healthy Community Fund

Pitkin County’s Healthy Community Fund is invaluable. It supports organizations and initiatives that invest in and build wellbeing in our community. Much like a house is built with many types of materials and construction methods, well-being has many interconnected dimensions: people’s social, emotional, physical and financial well-being are intertwined, and each one affects the other. The Healthy Community Fund provides funding for myriad agencies that provide services and connections related to these important dimensions.

With the help of the Healthy Community Fund, the agency I lead, Valley Settlement invests in the well-being of vulnerable families with young children so they can thrive. All children possess unique skills and talents, but they need to be supported and fostered. Valley Settlement supports families with multiple programs including group classes with children, mobile preschools, supporting parents as volunteers in elementary schools, peer-based mental health supports, adult educational programs, and support for families needing to navigate the various systems. We partner with many organizations and individuals, to further empower these families around their well-being.

Thank you, Pitkin County, for your leadership and investment in our community’s well-being.

I am also in total support of ballot initiative 1A, and I would urge you to continue to support the Healthy Community Fund by voting “yes” on 1A this November.

Jon Fox-Rubin

Executive director, Valley Settlement