Support the kids by supporting 5B |

Support the kids by supporting 5B

I have been in elementary education for more than 20 years, and being the principal of Basalt Elementary School is by far one of my favorite jobs. I enjoy how connected our Basalt schools are with our community. When the Basalt High School homecoming parade goes by the elementary school, our youngest Longhorns are cheering on the high school students. We are fortunate to have this tight-knit community, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Some in our community have felt the impact of our shortage of bus drivers. Maybe you have heard about your teachers covering for other teachers because there were no substitute teachers available. At our school we have several unfilled positions. Potential candidates turn down my offer of a job when they see the salary. Even if they agree to the salary, many soon realize that salary does not go far in our valley and then turn down my offer.

I believe our children deserve better. I believe the families of our valley expect me to be picking from the very best candidates out there. Saying yes to 5B will help RFSD schools attract and keep great teachers.

Not only am I the principal of 483 students at Basalt Elementary School, but I also have my own children in RFSD schools. Please join me in voting yes on 5B to give all our kids the best education we can.

Grant Waaler

Glenwood Springs