Support teachers who support our children |

Support teachers who support our children

Bully for the teachers who are protesting for increased spending on public education. I’m particularly impressed with the Oklahoma teachers who got the pay raise they were after, but said that’s not enough. We want more funds directed toward the overall public education system as well, they said.

The problem is the people running the show — elites like Donald Trump and education secretary Betsy DeVos have never attended a public school in their life. They think a quality education is the sole privilege of rich children. The middle class and poor children should be grateful for the deficient public education they’re receiving, is their attitude.

If you think the education system is strapped now, wait until the federal government sticks the states with the bill for infrastructure improvement. The feds are the big heroes for the tax cut, but the states will pay for it. Colorado, with its ridiculous Bruce Amendment, won’t be able to increase the education budget, but cut it.

At least we have the noble and committed teachers championing our children’s future. Let’s get behind them and show we care about that, too.

Fred Malo Jr.