Support solar energy in Pitkin County |

Support solar energy in Pitkin County

The Aspen and larger Pitkin County community has been rightfully demanding more renewable energy sources for some time now. Well, our big chance is finally here. Holy Cross Energy and Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District are rising to the occasion with their proposed Pitkin County Solar, a 5MWac photovoltaic “solar garden” facility to be located on Aspen land in Pitkin County. On Tuesday at 5 p.m., this critical proposal is up for vote in front of the Pitkin County Planning & Zoning Commission. The commission is in the process of forming their Master Plan, which has lasting, decade-long impacts. If this proposal is not approved now, it is unlikely that it will be for years to come. We don’t have that kind of time, as the most recent U.N. climate report has indicated.

Show your support of this essential solar energy project by attending the meeting and making your opinion known or by signing the petition at

Leah Fielding