Support Paradise regardless of its location |

Support Paradise regardless of its location

I too wanted to comment on Paradise Bakery losing its lease. I respect Lex Tarumianz for stating his case (“Landlords explain Paradise decision,” May 15, The Aspen Times), but it still seems that after being a loyal tenant for approximately 40 years, instead of a thank-you Paradise was offered a less desirable place, the expensive of moving, a disruption of their business and the turnover of the current lease to a competitive business.

That being said, a landlord can rent to anyone they choose, but as consumers we have the ability to choose where to spend our money and what businesses to support.

I’ve personally witnessed the Pattersons’ generosity to community nonprofits, schools and area kids, combined with their ability to employ countless locals.

My suggestion is to reach out to Loro Piana to let them know that you will not support them or recommend them as a community business. Loro Piana may not know how this expansion will affect our town, and they deserve to have all the information. Then if Paradise has to move locations, walk wherever you need to and buy your gelato from a business that supports your community.

Barb Frank