Support DiSalvo for sheriff

I moved to Aspen in 1973 at a time when I would have been described by the sheriff as a “dirty hippie.”

A few years later, Dick Kienast entered with a different progressive philosophy building trust with citizens.

This philosophy was passed to Bob Braudis who fully embraced that same philosophy. We now have Joe DiSalvo who I believe also embraces that same philosophy. Each time we have an election for sheriff, the drug issue comes up. From Kienast to this date, no Pitkin County Sheriff would want drugs in our schools. I don’t belive Walter Chi’s drug-sniffing dog would only be used in school and this would erode the trust that has been developed over the past 40-plus years. Kienast, Braudis and DeSalvo are well-educated as to the fallacy of the drug war started by Richard Nixon in the ’60s.

Chi should be more than embarrassed by his act that may have led to a young man’s failure to understand that what he was doing was so wrong. In the end, he will be lucky if he’s not sued. As for his statement that the police and Sheriff’s Office need to work closer, I’m sure if the chief reached out for help from the sheriff, I have no doubt, if within reason, DiSalvo would be more than happy to help.

I could go on with the difference between their philosophies but will leave it at this point.

I fully have faith that DiSalvo is the best man for the job and he has my full support.

Steve Stevens