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Support Crown Mountain Park

Since moving to Basalt in 2003, I have seen Crown Mountain Park get transformed into a wonderful gathering area for teams, families and individuals alike! Tennis, basketball, dog walking, dirt and road biking, lacrosse, baseball and (our family’s favorite) soccer activities have all blossomed thanks to the efforts it took to turn this acreage into an appealing and functional staple of the mid-valley. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen Crown Mountain Park deteriorate due to lack in funding. Without the appropriate resources, it risks becoming much less useful and inviting for teams practicing or families picnicking. Currently, it is one of the best spots here that truly has something for everyone, but that won’t be the case if the grass can’t be watered and the paths and courts maintained. I encourage any member of this community who has ever visited Crown Mountain Park to vote “YES” on 7A to ensure we continue to have this amazing amenity in our back yard!

Rod Woelfle