Support community values with vote |

Support community values with vote

Those of us fortunate enough to find ourselves, by fate or choice, living in the magic of the Fryingpan, Crystal and Roaring Fork River valleys in Pitkin County understand the difficulties as well as the blessings of that choice. The sense of place that is held by those of us who live in Pitkin County is enhanced by the assistance and opportunities provided by the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund. We care about the activities and benefits made available to us through that fund. Our sense of community and our need to protect the values of our communities are supported by that fund.

Rather than asking for a donation each year — as many nonprofit organizations are forced to do — to support the agency’s operation, Pitkin County supports the many faceted fund via a property tax. This allows more discussion, more review and more responsible planning and implementation.

I urge your support of our special community values.

Vote “yes” for the ballot issue dedicating property tax for the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund.

Dorothea Farris