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Support clean energy

Linda Waag’s letter Tuesday (Spare entrance the solar blight,” The Aspen Times) reminded me of my response to a friend who complained about the visual pollution of windmills that one sees while driving Interstate 70 in Kansas, which was to tell him that he doesn’t complain about the visual pollution generated by the oil industry, which he supports by driving his car.

Lucky for him, he doesn’t live in east Houston or next to an oil port. He lives near you.

Your nimbyism is not appreciated while you drive and fly all over God’s creation leaving your pollution behind you to accumulate overtime with billions of people causing all sorts of infrastructure havoc and environmental wreckage. Lucky you, you don’t live in the Maldives.

News flash: The United Kingdom Parliament just became the first national legislative body to proclaim a climate change emergency. We all need to do our part because our grandchildren will ask us, “What did you do?”

Tom Mooney