Support Basalt River Park and Crown Mountain Park |

Support Basalt River Park and Crown Mountain Park

The Basalt Parks, Open Space and Trails’ 1 percent sales tax must be spent on parks, trails and open space. It brings in more htan $1.7 million per year. If the developer-obedient town of Basalt represented the people instead of cowering to the developers, they would buy out the 2.3 acre Community Development Corp. interest in the river park. After securing the river park, there would still be $950,000 a year in discretionary funds available for some Crown Mountain Park improvements. After 2024, the amount of discretionary Parks, Open Space and Trails funds available climbs to a gushing $1.7 million annually. The developers are starting a new dishonest, slick and sleazy propaganda campaign to try and convince voters that you must choose between Crown Mountain and the Basalt River Park. There is plenty of money to fund both parks.

Mark Kwiecienski