Support Aspen Skiing Co. for all it does |

Support Aspen Skiing Co. for all it does

When I total the significant community contributions the Aspen Skiing Co. makes, I am thankful we have the ownership and the leadership of this company that serves Aspen locals and guests so admirably. In addition to well-managed ski areas we get to enjoy, they contribute significantly to the local community and environment with leadership and dollars.

So when they ask for community support for a well-planned and needed expansion that enhances locals and our guests experience, I think we all should consider the significance of their entire contributions as well as the merits of the planned expansion. Seems to me like they don’t get the credit, respect and thanks they earned.

Skico never uses their community contributions, superior mountain management and on-mountain amenities as leverage when asking for expansion approvals; I think we should be giving them that consideration to show our thanks.

Ask any of your friends who live in other ski resorts if they get the opportunity to skin up their ski areas all day long! Ask any Aspen area charities how much Skico or their leadership supports them. Who is a bigger supporter and leader in environmental stewardship than the Skico?

Please ask our local political leaders, your fellow community members and friends to consider all the services the Aspen area receives from Skico when this company and leaders ask for our support!

Chuck Frias