Support Aspen schools by voting “yes” on 2A, 2B and 4A |

Support Aspen schools by voting “yes” on 2A, 2B and 4A

As a 2015 graduate of Aspen High School, I strongly urge everyone to vote “yes” on ballot issues 2A/2B and 4A. These three issues will provide critical funding to secure public education in the Aspen community without increasing your current tax rate.

These issues are all community-driven and will help make up the extreme shortfall of funding by the state of Colorado. Combined, 2A and 2B are expected to raise $2 million per year for the Aspen School District. Issue 4A will raise close to $90 million for much-needed capital improvements and teacher housing. Much of what made my education in the Aspen School District so valuable was its many incredible teachers. Adding much-needed school district employee housing is critical to attracting and retaining top teachers.

The best part is that a yes vote on all these issues results in no change to your tax bill. 2A and 2B renew existing taxes in Snowmass Village and Aspen. 4A is a bond issue that goes into effect after the current bond is paid off this year.

My public education in the Aspen School District equipped me with the tools to succeed academically in college and a strong foundation to address the complex challenges of the 21st century. Help ensure that future students have the same access to quality public education for years to come by voting “yes” on 2A/2B and 4A.

Marta Galambos