Support Aspen schools at the polls |

Support Aspen schools at the polls

This election year is one which will have huge ramifications nationally. It equally important locally. Each of us are 45-plus year residents of Pitkin County and the Aspen School District (ASD). Our two children attended K-12 in the ASD and were as well, or better, prepared than most of their college classmates!

Now we are resident “seniors” with no children in the school district, but we are just as concerned and aware of the importance of a quality K-12 as well as a college education. Colorado currently ranks an embarrassing 44th out of 50 states in education funding! Thankfully, our local voters have always stepped up to compensate for the statewide shortfall.

Aspen High School consistently sends more than 90% of its graduating class on to colleges and universities nationwide. This year we hope you will join us by voting “yes” on ballot questions 2A, 2B and 4A. Your “yes” vote will help insure teacher retention, upkeep of current programs and facilities and more critically needed housing for those selfless teachers. Please vote “yes” on 2A, 2B and 4A.

Joe and Mary Lou Farrell