Support 5B for public education |

Support 5B for public education

I am a teacher in the Roaring Fork School District and I have two of my own children in middle school. Since moving here in 2016 I have been extremely impressed by every teacher my children have had. They are passionate, skilled, empathetic learners who truly care deeply about each and every student they have taught. They take their profession seriously, making sure each and every child succeeds to the best of their ability in all areas of life: academics, socially, and emotionally. I’m voting yes on 5B to ensure that our children continue to have a great education in our public schools.

We all know why we have moved here. This valley is surrounded by natural beauty and is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We also all know it is expensive to live here. Because our district can’t currently pay teachers a living wage, many teachers work second or third jobs and have unstable housing. Students are impacted when their teachers are exhausted and financially stressed, preventing them from putting all their energy into meeting students’ needs. It is wearing on the teachers struggling to set roots. We have lost several excellent teachers at my school and across the district because they can’t afford to work and live in this amazing valley.

Due to the amount of turnover and lack of retention, RFSD has upward of 50 unfilled positions currently. 5B gives our community and school system an opportunity to shift our current pattern to one that retains the best educators that contribute to the community and our children. This benefits us all. Please vote YES on 5B and support our schools and community together.

Lauren Raymond