Super Tuesday and other election tidbits

Voters may benefit from clarification of the upcoming 2020 election process.

On March 3, Super Tuesday, Colorado holds a presidential primary where voters choose their party’s presidential candidate. If you are unaffiliated, you may choose in which party’s primary you participate. If you have not previously indicated which ballot you’d like to vote, you will get two ballots, but may vote only one.

On March 7, parties hold their precinct caucuses. The Democratic Party caucus includes a preference poll for a U.S. Senate candidate. For information about your party’s caucus, go to your county’s party website.

On June 30, a second primary election takes place for non-presidential races. Again, unaffiliated voters may choose in which party’s primary to participate.

The general election is Nov. 3. If you will be 18 by Nov. 3, you can vote in the primaries and participate in your party’s caucus, if you are registered to vote.

To participate in your party caucus in 2020, you must be registered and affiliated with your political party in your precinct by February 14.

You may register to vote up to the day of the election and/or primary, though you must be a resident of the state for 22 days prior to the election in which you are voting. Deadline for registration to receive mail in ballots is Feb. 24, but you can also vote at county voter service and polling centers.

To register, change your party affiliation, or find more voter information go to https://www.GOVOTECOLORADO.COM.

Donna Grauer

Vice chair, Eagle County Democrats