Suggestions to improve Downtowner |

Suggestions to improve Downtowner

As an 87-year-old blind man who works with a guide dog, I have found the Downtowner service to be invaluable. However, I have a couple of suggestions that would make this great service even better.

Because of my lack of eyesight I cannot use the Downtowner app, so have to call for the service. As I understand it I am talking to a service in Canada and the wait times are sometimes as much as 10 minutes. When you finally get a person they know nothing about Aspen so it takes additional time to get your pickup and destination addresses understood. Wouldn’t it be better to have calls answered locally?

The drivers are universally outstanding and frequently make an extra effort to make sure my guide dog and I get to our destination.

That raises a second problem — the limitations on service. The drivers are not allowed to deliver passengers to the Aspen Institute or the Music Festival parking lot. They can get you within easy walking distance but that is a problem in bad weather or when you are depending upon a guide dog who does not know the way.

I hope you will take these suggestions under consideration.

Nick Coates