STRs should be exclusive to resident-owners |

STRs should be exclusive to resident-owners

Short-term rentals (STRs) must be regulated and the Board of County Commissioners of Pitkin County has chosen the best way to do it. Regulation is required because of the exponential growth of STRs. And the best way to regulate is to require short-term rentors to get a license. And the gem of the BOCC’s proposed license, as unanimously approved at first reading Dec. 15, is to limit licenses to those persons who make the subject property their principal residence.

By limiting STRs to principal residence of the rentor, the number of STRs will be reduced, but the nonresident landlord may still rent by the month, or longer, and thus provide the much-needed longer-term rental housing. And residents can profit from STRs, but they will be in business in their own neighborhoods, aware of local customs and observed by their own friends and neighbors.

I believe the proposed principal residence limit will have three big benefits: First, reduce the threat by STRs to the character of our neighborhoods and our property right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes; second, we will keep longer term neighbors, be they tenant or owner, rather than weekend tourists in de facto motels; and third, short-term renting can be done by our friends and neighbors, rather than nonresident landlords.

If you agree, then please ask BOCC to adopt at second reading Jan. 26, the same version of regulation they unanimously approved at first reading Dec. 15. You can ask the BOCC to do this at comment.

Bill Jochems