Stress is more |

Stress is more

Some people are realizing that 5G and fluoride are both stressors to our health. One is an electromagnetic stress and the other is a neurotoxic stress.

Our world is experiencing a stress epidemic. People are sicker than ever. Research on stress reveals that it is the main contributing factor to all disease. Constant chronic low levels of physical, chemical, emotional, toxic, electromagnetic and infections and allergies are at all-time highs.

More people are realizing that these stresses are affecting our mental health, social ties and sleep. Other signs of stress overload on our nervous systems include digestive issues, brain dysfunctions, auto-immune diseases, cancers, a many other health conditions affecting our society.

People are starting to recognize the connection between smart phones and the demise of our health. Electromagnetic radiation is more intense and profound than ever.

Years ago, tobacco science told us that smoking was safe. Now we know that tobacco science and its propaganda played us for fools. Monsanto used the same play book. The telecom industry is taking this to a new level.

There are those who believe the propaganda that 5G is safe and are not aware of current research about the biological dangers. Thousands of studies indicate that electromagnetic radiation and 5G is a threat to our health.

There are currently no safety studies on 5G.

There are those who are not aware of the current information about 5G. They attack by claiming conspiracy theories and junk science. It’s an easy tactic when one wants to hold onto their flip phones.

Others get that our bodies are paying a price for the stresses that we endure.

Should we surrender our rights to the telecom industry? Should we wait and see? I think it’s better to get safety studies before this experiment turns us into guinea pigs.

Tom Lankering