Stop the rumors at BHS |

Stop the rumors at BHS

In response to your recent article about a Basalt High School teacher being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student (“For the second time in seven years, police investigate a relationship between a teacher and student at BHS,” The Aspen Times, Aug.30), rumors are running rampant in this part of the valley. To this point, there is no evidence that I know of to confirm these rumors. The only ones that know for sure are the teacher and the student in question. Students and parents alike should both be ashamed of themselves for gossiping and potentially being a part of ruining someone’s career. In many cases, the mothers are worse at gossiping than their kids. A friend of mine’s daughter when asked how she knew it was true said, “because everyone is talking about it”. Students are already saying that the teacher was fired when that is clearly not true. Whether the allegations are true, I implore Principal Mueller and Superintendent Stein to meet with students and let them know the implications of spreading such rumors. If the allegations are true then the teacher should be removed, but let’s not jump the gun. Remember, innocent until proven guilty!

Mike Jenkins