Stop the midvalley development assault |

Stop the midvalley development assault

If you live in the midvalley and love where you are, then please understand that it is under siege by greedy developers. The developers of the Tree Farm and the many other developments planned for midvalley attach affordable housing onto their plans hoping it will push their projects through to being acceptable. Three hundred and forty units is not acceptable, nor is the 1,200 other units sited for midvalley acceptable.

People who want affordable housing in one of the most expensive valleys in the country need to realize affordable is not affordable, no matter what the developers say. The burden of these developments is going to fall on Eagle County taxpayers, who will eventually be paying for added infrastructure, i.e. roads, water, sewage, police, fire and schools. We will lose our quality of life, be stuck in gridlock, breathe in carbon admissions, deal with road rage, noise pollution, light pollution and people pollution. Please contact the Eagle County commissioners by phone at 970-328-8605, fax at 970-328-8629 or email at

Kathy Nilsen

El Jebel