Stop the Lift One Titanic |

Stop the Lift One Titanic

Please vote “no” on the Lift One development.

If you think this vote has anything to do with a ski lift, a World Cup race arena, enhancing the global Aspen Mountain community reputation, you probably think that the Donald Trump Tex-Mex wall is about the security of the country and not racism.

Vote “no”! It is not all for one! It’s all for the rich to get richer and the corporations to get more powerful!

Vote “hell no” to the $4.36 million extortionist cash-grab, the variance to the developers’ city code responsibility: for parking, height limits, employee housing, impact fees and neighborhood gridlock.

Please send this greedy, glutinous development back to a new Aspen Mayor Torre, Bert Myrin and a new city manager to negotiate and balance the impacts on the community caring capacity, to comply with the community goals and the sustainable guidelines of the Aspen-area community plan, dignity to the residential and conservancy zoning and to stop the Aspen Skiing Co./Gorsuch Haus/Brown brothers blatant taking.

Please don’t let Jeffrey Gorsuch end up as the next Michael Fox in a same-style Aspen Club unfundable scam. Fox’s failures are based in ego and also on the dissolved local timeshare/fractional market that the Brown brothers are dependent on. That business mission plan’s viability has expired. We have seen the ineffective business attempts of Lowe Enterprises in the Roaring Fork Valley, so it is unbelievable that they have the $200 million in build-out costs to complete the Gorsuch Haus grounded passenger steamer.

Please stand up March 5 to vote “no” on Lift one so these gigantic, titanic cruise ships — each the size of The Little Nell Hotel — will not be parked at the top of Aspen Street.

Tim Mooney


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