Stop the Basalt propaganda |

Stop the Basalt propaganda

Paul Noto wrote a letter to the editor, “Basalt vote cannot be discounted,” criticizing the Basalt Council for considering using a line of credit to serve taxpayers and deal with some timing issues that would allow Basalt to facilitate giving residents one of the best river parks in the state and an appropriate mix of public serving commercial without raising property taxes.

The letter is largely devoid of facts and he wrongly contends Basalt residents had rejected the use of debt instruments in the past election, instead of rejecting the idea of raising taxes by absurd amounts. In the letter he trivializes the severe misrepresentation some of his cronies perpetrated that deceitfully caused the narrowly defeated vote, which otherwise would have placed full control of the Roaring Fork Development Corp. river parcel in the town’s hands.

The vote in November for 2F (buy the Park) narrowly lost because of outrageously inflated claims designed to scare voters of tax increases. Via flyers and or letters to the editor by some Lowe supporters, they told voters how property taxes would have increased (by $15 million!) had 2F and 2G passed. I suppose using lies and screwing the tax payer is “business as usual” in the big cities where some of those who perpetrated this misrepresentation come from, but is that the Basalt we want?

Several Town Council members have finally discovered they fully can control the outcome of the Roaring Fork Ccommunity Development Corp. river parcel without raising any taxes. This would be a huge win-win for taxpayers as it would allow taxpayers to fully benefit from the $7.75 million of taxpayer funds already invested in and around the parcel.

To mop up of more of Noto’s misstatements:

Noto said the move one to affect a downzoning of the parcel. Fact: The parcel retains the same trailer-park zoning if had when the trailers were on there, so any development requires some up zoning of sorts for any approvals to be granted.

Noto claims Basalt is trying to be a developer or market actor. Fact: The purchase would allow the town to take control and get the best deal for taxpayers rather than allow all the value invested to date to be given to one developer at a ridiculous discount.

Noto wants to know and implies that this proposed debt would affect “plowing roads, cleaning sidewalks, maintaining parks, policing neighborhoods, after school kid’s programs, employee housing, etc.” Fact: Parks Open Space and Trails funds are being considered to fund the half to become open park. Parks Open Space and Trails funds can only be used for Parks Open Space and Trails and cannot be used for those other things he lists. The other part of the line of credit should be mostly repaid within a year.

Paul should have the decency to research facts rather than perpetuating the lies of propaganda that keeps this mess of confusion and misplaced emotions going that have been at the root of Basalt’s fighting and stalemate on this tremendous opportunity.

Mark Kwiecienski


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