Stop perpetuating misinformation |

Stop perpetuating misinformation

On Oct. 28, the Aspen Times published a letter to the editor from Donna Thompson of Basalt, who lamented the use of masks and suggested that taking temperatures is the only preventative measure necessary against COVID-19.

It is not just that Ms. Thompson is wrong, although of course she is (this particular virus can spread asymptomatically, and therefore temperature readings are not a reliable indicator of wellness). It is egregious that her letter was published at all.

America today operates as if every opinion is equally valid, even opinions that are contradicted by the most basic of medical facts. This is why misinformation is rampant and why our country has failed in every way to control this virus.

The Aspen Times should be more discerning. Ms. Thompson may believe whatever she likes, but a newspaper should respect the fundamental difference between fact and fantasy, and stop giving a platform to those who don’t or can’t.

Jalen Lee