Stop dillydallying over Gorsuch Haus

It really is time to approve the Gorsuch Haus. Truly, I know how responsible you must feel worrying about satisfying every local. But really, that side of our mountain is pathetic, and how long did it take for a previous administration to go through too many processes and we get 14 new luxury townhomes. C’mon — where is the public amenity for that and where can we sit on a big deck there and buy cocktails with our friends after a great day of skiing?

We all talk about vitality, and there is zero over there. I happen to love skiing down to the Ajax Tavern deck and now Shlomo’s with all the action. Obviously, so do hundreds of other people, including our guests and locals — as evident by often not being able to get in!

So please stop pulling your hair out and get this project approved. It is obvious that any neighbor over there trying to stop it just may be a competitor. And stop worrying about bringing the lift down the hill. We’ve been dealing with this already for how many years? The Little Nell Hotel went through the hand-wringing and so did the St. Regis. It seems to me by their popularity (and location) that the city made the right decision.

Some people may think we are just a summer resort —but guess what — with 140 million viewers on TV and the enthusiasm in town during the World Cup, we are a ski town. And we can be both.

And also, please stop worrying about the pressure from the FIS, etc. Just do it for the town. We do not need expensive experts to teach us about vitality. All of you know the west side of Aspen Mountain is dead, dull and boring. It deserves an upgrade.

Please do the right thing now.

Lorrie B. Winnerman