Stop dillydallying on Basalt property |

Stop dillydallying on Basalt property

In response to the Aspen Daily News’ Dec. 12 front-page story about the Basalt River Park, I have a few comments. Here is the other side of the story as I see it. Anyone can file a lawsuit for about almost anything. Sometimes the guilty party files the suit as an offensive action to bully. Michael McVoy, as board chairman of the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp., is quoted often in that article.

In a 2015 memorandum on RFCDC letterhead, it says “The RFCDC, a local nonprofit entered into a partnership with the Town of Basalt …”

McVoy does not mention that after the town had invested about $7.75 million in taxpayer funds in and around the parcel, and his group only $2.9 million, that he and his group, all by themselves, chose to limit free-market competition. They bypassed using a public-sanctioned selection or property-sale process. They gave an option to Lowe Enterprises. What kind of partner does that?

McVoy also ignores that Lowe Enterprises has proposed nothing but unacceptable taxpayer-subsidized condo proposals for almost three years in what I see as an effort to jam the privatization of the parcel down the throats of the citizens. Lowe Enterprise says how much and what kind of development is needed — all without competition. That is what the problem has been. The RFCDC put the fox in the henhouse, and McVoy blames the town. Basalt needs to take a lesson from Snowmass Village and the Base Village debacle before it is too late, as many of the same Base Village players are involved in Basalt. Have some spine and buy it. You have the money.

Mark Kwiecienski


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